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Mow Power is unlimited at Professional Landscape Design. Mow Power offers Property Maintenance, New Landscape Installation, Tree Removal, Pruning, Shrub, and Hedge Trimming, Leaf Removal, Fertilizing and Weed Control, Lawn Renovation, Power Seeding, Core Aeration, Mulching, Planting, Lighting, Bed Edging, Retaining Walls, Spring and Fall Clean Up, and Holliday Lighting.

Landscape Design


If you can dream it, we can build it, or let our professionals design it for you.


Mow Power will assure you are worry free, while we take care of your landscape design from start to finish. Everything from sod, topsoil, seed, fertilizer, plants, rock, trees, shrubs,and more.

Bed Edging And Mulch


Mow Power can edge your beds to seperate the turf from the mulch. This can be done like the picture on the left, or using rock, metal, or plastic.


Mow Power has regular harwood mulch, black mulch, red mulch, compost mix, and pine needles.


Mow Power also has several types of rock to choose from, email us at to get a complete list. 





Leaking basements, soaked yards, standing water, washed out flower beds, washed out driveways, Mow Power can help.


Mow Powers professionals can design proper water routs, to elimenate any water problems you may have. Mow Power specializes in french drains, drainage, and water run off.

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